Extraordinary in ordinary moments

YOURLITE smart products provide services for your every task, all housework and any situation from morning till night. For example, after returning home, your indoor cameras can be switched off to ensure privacy, while outdoor cameras remain in operation.

Make life safer and easier

The proven smart living solution can help you enter smart home business effortlessly and strengthen your global competitiveness. We offer protection to homeowners 24 hours a day, every day of the week, to ensure the safety of houses and residents.



Experience YOURLITE Indoor Products

Create an ambiance in your room

Our smart indoor product series lets you design your stylish indoor spaces. Your home can complement your mood!

Make a real joy
No matter what kind of atmosphere you want to create or highlight, there are endless possibilities and 16 million fascinating colors between warm and cold white light.
Make an indulgence
No need to leave the sofa, just tap or voice command to control the lights of the whole house.

Most popular indoor products

  • Smart Corner Floor Light

    adwq  White and color ambiance

    Smart Corner Floor Light

    ttw Control via App

    ttw Create the atmosphere you want

    ttw Multiple lighting modes

    ttw Sync to music

  • Smart LED Strip Light

    adwq White and color ambiance

    Smart LED Strip Light

    ttw Convenient voice control

    ttw Multiple control options

    ttw Bright and uniform light without spots

    ttw High light efficiency

  • Smart A60 LED Bulb

    adwq White and color ambiance

    Smart A60 LED Bulb

    ttw RGB+CCT+DIM

    ttw Multiple scene modes

    ttw Schedules and timer function

    ttw Control with your voice

  • Smart LED Ceiling Light

    adwq White and color ambiance

    Smart LED Ceiling Light

    ttw Lampshade customization

    ttw Economical

    ttw RGB+CCT+DIM

    ttw Light can dance with music

  • Smart Plug

    Smart Plug

    ttw Smart controll with mobile phone

    ttw DIY your own on-off style

    ttw Control your switch by hands-free

    ttw Timing & countdown functions

  • Smart Wall Switch

    Smart Wall Switch

    ttw Control by App without touching

    ttw Voice control

    ttw Prevent scratching and fire

    ttw Stable and durable

  • Smart Door/Window Sensor

    Smart Door/Window Sensor

    ttw Keep an eye on your family’s safety

    ttw App & low-voltage reminder

    ttw Intelligent linkage

    ttw Long standby time

  • Smart Water Leak Sensor

    Smart Water Leak Sensor

    ttw Real-time notifications

    ttw App & low-voltage reminder

    ttw Double induction probe

    ttw Can be installed at any angle